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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Proem: 'ngs was FAB...' - by Luc

'ngs was FAB …'

 facilitator  acquaintances  buddies
 ( fundamentally Anthony’s baby )

freely appropriating Bowie
Fox’y-artful bounty
flattery – albeit banterish
flaming auburn beauty
 French adventure Biker
= fostering amicable bonds

   funding & budget
  falldowns & backups
+ flexibility  and  boundaries

fibromyalgic, Aspergic, bi-polar’d
fifties ‘adolescent’ = bewilderment,
   fugitive – acting bandit –
  feisty,  ( also bothersome )
   fetching  &  borrowing
  fettling  &  busying

f ing and blinding
frivolity, angst, boredom
f***ing awesome brownies !

Funky artsy Brighton’s

‘fame’  ·  autobiography  ·  ‘blagging’
Facebook and Blogger
( Fotobook:  Albelli,  Blurb ?? )

frequenting accessible ‘bogs’
filing,  albumising,  blogs
flora,  architecture,  bus-rides,
fooderies and beverages:
framed and boxed

 fearsome assel-blad:
flash-fed as batteries-bled

flotsam-astray beaches
February awash: battered
fotopostering about Brighton
fallen,  awry,  binned:
fear-some?  awe-some?  bother-some?

furthering  &  bettering:
futile?  fascinating?
articulate?  anodyne?
banal?  brave?
finite analysis bafflesome


(flags & banners    flowers & badges)

actualised book

= FAB !!

©  Luc(e) Raesmith

 with thanks to Pringle-jumper'd Shaun Levin for encouraging and
 editing creative writing for Queer in Brighton

re frequenting accessible ‘bogs’ - see the transgenderqueer space fotovideo 
in homage to the accessible public convenience at:

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