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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Some notes on the third workshop ... by Sarah

We were a smaller group for our third session and had been asked to bring pictures that relate to our (queer) family this time. It was really great to see things come together and to discuss the variety of things people came up with. I felt like we had stretched ourselves more this time and it was amazing how differently the members had interpreted the theme. I especially like being introduced to bike-sexuality! Taking our self-portrait in the photo booth once more was a nice way to get out and experiment in a more playful way after trying quiet hard on some photos I made that week.
I took pictures of my friends JB and Lucy to try and portrait a queer couple in an authentic way that reflects Brighton and the way they are together and some pictures of myself in black & white to bring in this week. I was happy with the couple`s pictures, but found the process of doing self-portraits rather frustrating. Being introduced to Francesca Woods meant so much to me though - I´ve become obsessed with her and really want to challenge myself to try and touch on some of her ideas about gender and the self. Going through so many pictures that had gone wrong in preparation for the session had killed my creative enthusiasm a little, but I really want to go beyond that, to untangle how this is related to feminism and negative body images and to understand how being on both sides of the lens can be very empowering. I guess this session really brought home to me how "breaking into" a new creative practice is much easier and more rewarding in a group setting - so thank you guys.

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