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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Queering the Photobooth: Take 2... by Luc

Saturday & Sunday, 9&10/11/13  (not 12 + no Ten)

creative=anArchy : capturing&captioning

& in the queer-grafitti-quadrant corner:
(R2L) Kelly, Charlie, Kate

 Matt: cool in the hot seat
(on-AL-perspective: not-so-cool...)

softer flash&focus on Fox
(and super=FAB studio flooring)

¿ tweeter @ #twittern ?
(Fox gets Flash'd again)

= Kate in the promenade booth +
Ed, Anthony & Hasselblad in the fast lane
(Harry on the hard shoulder)

3 o'clock cloudscape

laughtering with intent...

 a Ketchup & condiment Kodak moment

  + Luc: JQaP behind the SG3 LCD...

and...  dis-spelling* some Queer myths:

'there's no such thing as bikesexuality'
'homosapienality can be cured'
'we're jender qwe're & we're not he're'
Queers Face Inner Queer Space

&/or malappropriatisms

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