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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Portrait Making 2.11.13 : an Acrostic Account... by Luc


Assembled, (nearly not shopping) at
North Laine NewWritingSouth studio space:
Dandy-fied & product-coiffed; bespectacled - or no?

Quentin Crisp-esque, sartorial Luc:
Uses lost&found hair bunjies for hanging faux curtain
(Enjoys pinning & stapling & duct taping drape).
Entertaining, the Hallowe'en costumised banter.
Rubberised lens parts: look&lust but daren't touch…
Interesting donuts - via Matt - defo for dunking;
Neo-iced-latte cuppa ('it's not Camp...') for quaffing.
Glistening* foreheads on flash-gun-glare testing.

Tripod legs to adjust-for-all; first jpegs-to-laptop: transfer all.
'Head's too low. Go for more person, less curtain!'
Expletives (spl)uttered [& grimaces] but no 'Say cheese!' grins.

'Portraits R Us!': JB’s up first (in autumnal sweater);
Harry's shirt collar 'matches the curtain exactly!'
[Off to the Laine shops for yes, yet more batteries]
Tattoos on show today: on arms & on torsos.
(O + Cmnd brings up Slideshow on Preview)
Black-jacketed Ed poses bemused on the blue chair;
On his iPhone, Fox: documenting & txting.
Orlando arrives: fashionably late; now unleashed…
Testing focus / ISO / aperture: 'our' Anthony.
(Harold Wilson-Lucalike: humorous moment)

Sarah’s tonsorial artistry session:
Hair – G D Rossetti-red – tumbling on turquoise.
'Oh, Orlando!' as he straddles available trouser'd leg…
[Of course, the pooch-shoot upstages the whole show!]
Tesserae'd grainy thumbnails for an 18-shot mosaic:

1 excited/tired director; 7 snapped-happy (or not-so) 'narcissists'...

* 'cis-men perspire & cis-women glow; trans* persons alternately glisten &/or sparkle'

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