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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The second workshop ... by Anthony

The second workshop for not going shopping took place on from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday August 10. We spent a little time downloading everyone's photographs on to a computer hooked up to a projector. Once this was all sorted participants took it in turns to show the photographs they had made in the time since the first workshop. We discussed what was working well in the photographs people had made and what could be improved and how this might be achieved.

It was really exciting seeing the photographs people had made and to hear about their experiences of making them. This took up most of the session but left us enough time to head to a photomatic booth to have our self-portraits taken and to come back to the workshop space to come up with the title: not going shopping.

To do this, we spent five minutes or so writing down as many words and title ideas as we could think of on to pieces of paper. We screwed up the pieces of paper and put them into my hat. Each of us then took it in turns to pull these out... but this didn't seem to get us anywhere! So Ed suggested we put all of the pieces of paper on the ground and discuss which ones we like and why. We decided that not going shopping worked the best. It seemed to creatively encapsulate some of the discussions we'd had about queerness.

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