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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

QueeRealising the PhotoBooth: Take 3... by Luc

JB, AL & SM - B&H, 23.11.13

It’s a wrap!’ declared the still excited/tired director;
the only shots to go: AL’s own portrait(s) à la plage
’twas mighty fortunate how vacant the UoB boardroom was –
Švankmajer’s cine+ surreality thru-the-window-wall below –
and how the UoF let the precious H4-Hasselblad off site…
Weather, too, shone brass-monkey’d° & blue-sky’d on that shoot,
ridding angst re aches-to-come from human-tripod posture(s)
and flash†gun-upholding triceps-testing stance…
Photograffic’d; photobooth’d; photosynergised.
! Hasta luego QiB amigos / amigas / amiges ¡

Mosaic of images captured at
Jan Švankmajer's exhibition:
'The Inner Life of Objects'
at the University of Brighton
in conjunction with Cinecity 11

† Q:: How Many Surrealists Does It Take To Change The Flashbulb? 

   A:: Cod'n'Chips Twice, Table 6

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