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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A poem sent to Anthony by Harry after the second workshop

Picture the queers with cameras; snappy queers, visual queers
With their queer shots, queer photos, queer exposure and queer perspectives.
After all, ‘an image is a 1,000 words’ in queer eye view Brighton.
Today, the photo queers 2013 are not going shopping.
Instead, a life of identity and exposure to capture the unframed photo Q
Illustration with layers and tangents, photos of innocence & experience – lives.
Visible light; eyes and lens; vis-a-visual Q in B
To capture the queer alternative, stirrers and photo bother camera vision
Living queer treasures, focus sight and film with viewfinder, frame and focus,
Then see, unconventional cock shots, snapshots, fire sight screen
Photo bent aperture snap caught;
Composition and imagination are exposed in the moment, living
The Brighton camera queer photo club.

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