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Friday, 30 August 2013

The word 'queer' ... by Kate

One of the broad ideas that the project has brought up for me is the question of what constitutes queer. Our group discussions often turn to what we mean by that term and we always find ourselves preserving the openness of it. Nearing the beginning of the project the question for me was how to capture something in line with ‘queer’ and still maintain that openness - to resist fixing it in any way. Week on week the huge spectrum of images, experiences and points of view photographed by all of us has formed a body of work that is multiple and open and resits pinning down queer in definitive terms. It’s been really rewarding to progress through this project with everyone else and I think ultimately it’s that group collective that helps us use queer in that unfixed, uncategorised way that can only ever be more productive than divisive labels and boxed in concepts.
I often end up leaving the workshop with loads of big ideas, all of which are too big to translate, or don’t really come off. This week I'm trying to focus on the every day, on the little things. I'm asking myself why they matter; why these things in particular? At the same time I'm not asking anything at all. I'm putting faith in the idea that such images self-select in the sense that there is something about them that sparks the impulse to pick up the camera. I'm much more open now to just seeing where an idea takes me and trying out different things. For now it’s one last photographing spree before our workshop tomorrow.  

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