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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Plans plans plans after workshop one ... by Ed

I had this plan, after our first meet up, that I would take a hundred thousand photos, every detail of my life would be captured. This has not worked out. And I was having some doubts that I even understood what it was to be queer in Brighton. Queer isn’t a word I have used much to describe myself, although I understood that as a trans man, the broader, open meaning of queer covered my experience.

I didn’t know where to begin. I started taking photos of myself, at random, throughout the day. I let my left arm become detached and roam free, taking photos of myself when I wasn’t expecting it. Let’s just take photos. Let’s just see what comes up. So I took photos of myself, my house, my books, my notes.

Of course, pride is an obvious photo opportunity. Hundreds of things you can photograph at pride. It had been Trans Pride just the week before and I had been running around so much, like an idiot I forgot to take photos. At LGBT pride I didn’t want to take photos of the people in drag and glitter, the half naked men, the floats covered in rainbow balloons and rainbow flags. Brightness and colour and drama is easy to find at pride, but wasn’t my pride experience. So I tried to photograph what pride was for me, our stall, the literature tent, my friends sitting on the grass.

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